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Vision & Mission


To secure safety and be trusted by the people as the world's leading food and drug safety evaluation institution.

Core Values
  • Professional Knowledge
  • Communicative Cooperation
  • Future-Oriented Creativity
Core Strategy
Realization of health improvement ‘Bio-health Review and Approval'
  • Establishment of global review and approval system, and leading international standards
  • Preparation for the review and approval of combined advanced medicinal products
  • Support for bringing core products in creative economy into the market
Scientific risk assessment to secure the safety of food and drugs
  • Integrated human body risk assessment
  • Advanced risk assessment system
  • Expansion and strengthening of risk assessment of potential hazardous contaminants
Global-level Testing
  • Global-level testing of food and drugs
  • Development of analysis methods for hazardous substances
  • Specialization and improved efficiency in the management of pharmacopoeia and reference standards
  • Guaranteeing reliability of test results
R&D to prepare for the future
  • Rapid response to the current issues in the safety of food and drugs
  • Provision of the foundation for a future-oriented evaluation scheme to prepare for advances in environment and technology
  • Toxicity testing to identify potential risks
  • Reinforcement of the system and technical infrastructure for R&D of safety evaluation technology
Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
National Institute of Food and Drug Safety
Safety evaluation
    • Foods
    • Foods
    • Korean traditional medicine(herbal medicine)
    • Korean traditional medicine(herbal medicine)
    • Review and approval
    • Drugs
    • Drugs
    • Cosmetics, quasi-drugs
    • Cosmetics, quasi-drugs
    • Risk assessment
    • Biopharmaceuticals
    • Biopharmaceuticals
    • Medical devices
    • Medical devices
    • Testing and analysis

Research & Development

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