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European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)


  • Mutual agreement on enhancing the cooperation in the field of food risk assessment between the NIFDS and EFSA (November 2017)
  • MoC signed and came into effect on September 19, 2018 through 2023 (automatic renewal for successive 5 years)


  • EFSA is the European food risk assessment organization giving scientific advice to European Committee, the European Parliament and EU Member States. EFSA also carry out scientific work on their own initiative to examine emerging issues and new hazards and to update assessment methods and approaches (

Areas of cooperation

  • Collection, analysis and sharing of technical data related to risk assessment in accordance with the scope of each organization’s mission
  • Exchange knowledge and expertise in the area of methodologies for data collection, risk assessment and risk communication

Key activities

  • Joined the International Liaison Group for Methods of Risk Assessment for Chemicals in Food (ILMERAC) with other 16 risk assessment organizations (National and international level) including EFSA (February 2018~)
  • Participated in the EFSA Conference 2018 (September 2018, Parma, Italy)
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