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National Institute of Infectious Disease, Japan (NIID)


  • To promote collaborative researches to prepare for new infectious diseases
  • To strengthen collaborative relationship and expand personnel exchange between both organizations

Partner Organization

  • The National Institute of Infectious Diseases (NIID): The NIID conducts researches to prevent and control infectious diseases, and performs national lot release.

Areas of cooperation

  • Biological Standardization (Biomedicines including vaccines, biosimilars, blood products, etc.)
    • Joint researches for the establishment of international and national measurement standards
    • Information sharing on candidate materials for biological reference standards
    • Provision of mutual support in case of public health emergencies
  • Information Sharing
    • Exchange of ideas through regular meetings, multi-and bi-lateral workshops, and symposia etc
  • Building regulatory competence
    • Short-/long-term secondment of staff
    • Development and operation of joint training programs

Key activities

  • Participation in the Korea-China-Japan tripartite symposium on researches and quality control of vaccines since 2015
  • Discussion on collaborative studies (on anti-venom regional reference standards) among the National Central Laboratories (NCLs) in the Western Pacific Region
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