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National Institute for Biological Standards and Control, U.K. (NIBSC)


  • To promote international joint studies for advanced quality management of in-vitro devices and establishment of biological reference standards

Partner Organization

  • National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC) : As an affiliate institution of the U.K MHRA, the NIBSC is a global leader in the characterization, control and standardization of biomedicines and in-vitro devices.

Areas of cooperation

  • Standardization in the fields of biomedicines, in-vitro devices
  • Information sharing
  • Collaborative studies
  • Staff development

Key activities

  • The MFDS and NIBSC, as WHO Collaborating Centers in biological standardization, have conducted joint studies for the establishment of international measurement standards since 2011.

    ※ BCG vaccine, IL-2, Blood coagulation factor 7/10 (2011), TNF-α (2012), Blood coagulation factor 9 (2014), Pneumococcus, Varicella (2015), HPV, Hib, Menigitidis, B-type streptococcus (2016)

  • Short-term training for capacity building of staff in the field of biomedicines
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