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Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, Germany (BfR)


  • Conclusion of MOU with BfR to reinforce the NIFDS' risk assessment competence


  • German agency responsible for risk assessment and toxicological studies to ensure the safety of food products, cosmetics and others

Cooperation areas

  • Sharing information on food safety
  • Exchange of information and human resources for scientific risk assessment
  • Meetings, workshops and training program between the two organizations
  • Biennial symposium to share information on risk assessment and international trends

Key activities

  • Conclusion of MOU and holding of international symposium (July 2010, Seoul, Korea)
  • First international joint symposium held by the NIFDS (July 2010, Seoul, Korea)
  • Participation in bilateral cooperation meeting held by BfR (May 2012, Berlin)
  • Invitation of and conference with German risk assessment experts (June 2012, Korean Society of Food Science and Technology)
  • Invitation of and meeting with Vice President of BfR (October 2012, international workshop on risk assessment of cosmetics, MFDS)
  • Participation in international training of risk assessment experts held by BfR
  • Joint research project to comparatively investigate consumers' recognition of nanomaterials
  • Second international joint symposium held by BfR (November 2013, Berlin)
  • Third international joint symposium held by the NIFDS (May 2015, Seoul, Korea)
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