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Characteristics of R&D Projects

  • R&D projects of the NIFDS provide a scientific foundation for the development of policies for safety management of foods, drug products, medical devices and other
  • The NIFDS carries out R&D projects on an in-house basis or commissions specialized organization to execute the projects on a contract basis
  • The NIFDS is responsible for planning, commissioning R&D projects, regularly reviewing performance and supervising progress and conducing final evaluation the R&D projects
  • Major achievements of the R&D projects include improvement of health policies and systems, increased applications of research outcomes, enhancement of research capacity, expertise and international cooperation, personnel training, development of advanced technologies and distribution of reference standards

Budget for R&D Projects

  • Budget for R&D Projects, 2016 - 2020
    Budget for R&D Projects, 2016 - 2020
    R&D Budget in 2020 Budget %
    Food safety 28.0 31.8
    Drug safety 23.9 27.1
    Support for the promotion of safety technologies 0.2 0.2
    Medical device safety 7.2 8.2
    Toxicity 16.1 18.3
    Safety management 1.5 1.6
    Livestock & Fisheries 8.0 9.1
    Research management 2.5 2.9
    Policy 0.7 0.8
    Unit : million US dollars, 1$=\1,172

Research Project Groups of NIFDS

  • Developments of Analytical Methods for the Prevention of Food Frauds(`14~`16) 46.6 million dollars
  • Root cause analysis to reduce foodborne outbreak related to norovirus(`14~`16) 47.8 million dollars
  • Center for Cosmetics Risk Assessment(`14~`16) 45.6 million dollars
  • Center for Evaluating Next-Generation Stem Cell-based Therapeutics(`14~`17) 75.5 million dollars
  • Food-borne pathogen Omics Research Center(`14~`18) 65.8 million dollars
  • Research Group for Tabacco Safety Management(`14~`18) 75.9 million dollars
  • Center for Mouse models of Human Diseases(`14~`18) 70.8 million dollars
  • Drug Abuse Research Center(`14~`18) 42.6 million dollars
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