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Advanced Analysis



  • To provide analytical services for operation of adulterated food eradication and criminal investigation office in order to eliminate four core evils
  • To respond to the difficulty in analysis arising from diversification of illegally mixed substances
  • To develop standard methods for risk and toxicological assessment of substances in cigarettes (including new types of cigarettes, such as electronic cigarettes) and introduce internationally accepted analytical methods in response to the reinforced control of cigarette substances all around the world
  • To implement quality assurance system to ensure the reliability of analytical operations and to establish standard materials for proficiency testing
  • To operate central high-tech analysis room under the Regulation on Operation of Central High-Tech Analysis Rooms (NIFDS Regulation) to ensure effective and efficient use and control of analytical equipment

Key activities

  • Accurate and rapid analysis of samples to detect any substances not approved for food and medicinal products
  • Identification of new fraudulent substances and publication of papers in international journals
  • Establishment of scientific and technical support system for regulatory control of cigarettes
  • Ongoing participation in international proficiency test program (ACS) to assess the competency in analyzing cigarette substances
  • Participation in the WHO Tobacco Laboratory Network (TobLabNet) and reinforcement of international cooperation
  • OStandardization of analytical operations and international accreditation of the NIFDS
  • Development and amendment of standard operating procedures (SOPs) for analysis of food and medicinal products
  • Development of samples for proficiency testing
  • Laboratory training program
Establishment of assessment techniques based on advanced analytical technologies to develop a scientific foundation for safety control of food and medicinal products
1 Advanced analytical technologies
  • Development and establishment of analytical methods based on advanced analytical technologies
2 Establish a system for Tobacco product Regulation
  • Development and evaluation of analytical methods, risk assessment system, and toxicity for the contents and emissions of tobacco products
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