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Herbal/Korean Traditional Products

Review & Approval


  • To develop an advanced system for the review and approval of Korean traditional (herbal) products in response to the progress of pharmaceutical development technologies

Key activities

  • Review of the quality, safety, efficacy, pharmaceutical equivalence and clinical study protocols of Korean traditional (herbal) products
  • Development of standards for quality review of Korean traditional (herbal) products
  • Establishment of specifications for Korean traditional (herbal) products
  • Development of guidelines for the review and assessment of Korean traditional (herbal) products
  • Supports for the commercialization of Korean traditional (herbal) products
Reinforced safety control of Korean traditional(herbal) products, quality assurance of herbal reference standards and proactive responses to international harmonization and trends to ensure competitiveness
1 Reinforced safety control of Korean traditional(herbal) products
  • Development of new methods for quality assessment of Korean traditional(herbal) products
  • Risk assessment and monitoring of hazardous substances, such as residues and contaminants
  • Development of specifications and analytical procedures(such as identification tests)
2 Quality assurance and international harmonization of herbal reference standards
  • Continuous preparation and supply of quality-assured herbal reference standards
  • International cooperation to ensure internationally harmonized herbal standards
3 Proactive responses to international trends to ensure competitiveness
  • Systematic resources management to prepare for the Nagoya Protocol
  • Active participation in international standardization (ISO/TC249)
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