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  • To ensure technical support and development of scientific rationales for the reinforcement of food safety standards
  • To operate a system for proactive response to potential hazards, such as new hazardous substances
  • To develop an advanced risk assessment system to ensure active responses to international trends and changes, such as new technologies and climate change
  • To enhance risk assessments of vulnerable groups, such as children and the elderly, and develop risk assessment expertise

Key activities

  • Reinforced safety control of food and medicinal products through scientific risk assessment
  • Continued safety control of hazardous contaminants
  • Development of a foundation for risk assessment of food-poisoning microorganisms and their reduction
  • Scientific/technological development and reinforced support to eliminate adulterated food products
  • Reinforced scientific support for safety control of livestock and fishery and fishery products
Development of scientific rationales for safety control policies and advanced technologies for review and assessment of medical products to protect the people
1 Advancement of policies and systems
  • Studies on the development of scientific rationales for policies and systems to ensure safety control of medical products
2 Scientific reviews and assessments
  • Studies on the development of technologies for review and assessment of the quality, safety and efficacy of medical products
3 Safe use of medical products
  • Studies to protect people using medical products
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